Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions about the services we provide.

No, we only offer dog boarding.
Half day/full day care may be considered subject to availability
Yes with written consent from the owner.
Yes, all food, bowls, bedding and toys should be provided by the owner
To be agreed at time of booking. Please note that an additional charge may be incurred depending on collection time

Can be mutually agreed although it will not be possible to claim a refund of boarding fee.

No, we currently do not have a dog

We will take your dog to our registered vet. Owners will be responsible for paying all veterinary fees

Yes, to be submitted at time of booking with registration form.
Yes, with written consent from the owner.
Only if that is what your dog is used to (crate to be provided at drop off).
No but please note that your dog will be required to wear a collar provided by Paws Home from Home with a tag showing contact details of the licensee during its stay
Yes, regular updates will be provided for your reassurance and peace of mind
Yes, we have a large, fully enclosed walled garden

Dog collar (if applicable), dog lead, enough food for length of stay, food/water bowls, bedding, any toys you wish your dog to have, any medication that you wish administered and any grooming materials if applicable

If you have any other questions, please contact us